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Parts & Documents, Terms and Definitions (PDF, 309 KB) English

This paper contains a glossary of terms which are used in the other papers published on this site incl. definitions and explanations as recommended by the author.

Item Interchangeability Rules (PDF, 143 KB) English

This paper contains guidelines to support the decision if an altered part is interchangeable with the old one or not and if a new part number has to be assigned. This is a fundamental question in the scope of Configuration Management CM/CM2 and Product Lifecycle Management PLM.

Austauschbarkeitsregeln (PDF, 151 KB) German

Dieser Beitrag beinhaltet Richtlinien um zu entscheiden, ob ein geändertes Teil mit seinem Vorgänger austauschbar ist und ob ihm eine neue Teilenummer zugewiesen werden muss. Das ist eine fundamentale Frage auf dem Gebiet des Configuration Managements CM/CM2 und Product Lifecycle Managements PLM.

Parts & Documents Numbering Principles (PDF, 94 KB) English

This paper contains the personal recommendations of the author for creating of part and document numbering schemes.

CM2 - the Configuration Management of second generation (former CMII)
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